At Specialty Slab Wood we use sustainable harvesting methods to improve the health of the forest. By using these methods we are able to offer quality wood slabs, mantels and other wood products while enriching the wildlife habitat and biodiversity of the land.  By implementing practices that improve the health of the forest and conserve wildlife, we are able to cut a wide variety of different tree species rather than focusing solely on the most genetically strong trees which would diminish the long term health of the forest ecosystem. Also, by cutting a variety of species in order to improve the health of the forest we are able to offer you, our customer, slabs with a wider range of shape and size. When a tree is harvested, the remaining under story is given new light and space allowing a large number of new species to grow strong and beautiful. We have a Wildlife Biologist and Forestry specialist on staff to guide us in our harvesting. We take great pride in enhancing the forests with which we work to better sustain the ecosystems and habitat of the natural world.