Our Process

The wood we work with at Specialty Slab Wood has been chosen based on the desired beauty of the final product and the effect on the land once removed. We offer a wide selection of wood species and a variety of slabs in different shapes and sizes. Trees are cut and sawn on-site.  Our relatively small operation allows quality care of each and every tree that comes through the saw mill.

Most of our quality cutting is done with an Alaska Mill or a Wood-mizer, and our professional Sawyer, Al, has over 30 years experience. After the logs are cut into slabs or lumber, we photo and label each. The slabs are then stickered (1″ stickers spaced 16″ apart) to ensure proper drying, sealed (Anchor Seal is used to diminish end split) and placed within our enclosed facility for quality air-drying. The process of air drying our wood helps eliminate unwanted checking and end-splitting allowing the wood to dry naturally. Kiln drying is also available and we are happy to accommodate any requests on our Special Request page or by phone.