White Oak

White Oak is one of the pre-eminent hardwoods in Eastern North America and also one of the most spectacular trees visually. It is the state tree of Illinois, where many of the slabs you see here at Specialty Slab Wood come from. Given enough space the White Oak develops into a massive broad-crowned tree with great limbs that strike out at wide angles. The wood is light brown in color with paler sapwood and is very strong, dense, heavy and durable with a beautiful fine-grain. It has a beautiful quarter sawn flake and many of our White Oak slabs have beautiful, unique figuring. It is often used as whiskey and wine barrels as well as for furniture, in construction, shipbuilding, agricultural implements and interior finishing of houses.

Dimensional Pallets

Natural Edge Pallets


The above photos of the wood’s grain was taken from our inventory of slab wood and is just one example of what the species may look like. Color of photos will vary depending on weather conditions on the given day photo was taken.