We have an ever growing inventory of specialty slab wood, slab wood pallets, natural edge slabs, mantels, lumber and finished slab wood furniture products. Each of our slabs are individually numbered and photographed to provide easy access to our customers. In most of our photos we have used an 8’ measure stick to show scale, and the roller table in which the slabs are lying is 27” wide by 130” in length. Each slab has three width measurements, plus length and thickness. Also, an average was measured for the overall width of the slab. These dimensions can all be found by clicking on the desired photo.

All dimensional lumber is wood’s run, and the photos are taken so that the widths are easily visible. Dimensional lumber is sold by the board foot (BF). Natural Edge pallets are sold either by board foot or individually. The date sawn is included in the information for each slab or pallet. Kiln drying is also available by using our Special Request page or by giving us a call.

Our growing list of beautiful, unique slab wood furniture made by local wood crafters is also available below.


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Ash Black Locust Black Walnut Cherry
Red Elm Red Oak River Birch Soft Maple
  White Oak White Pine  


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